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An initiative by Prega News Prega News takes the initiative to support women suffering from postpartum depression. Take the test

what is postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a condition that is associated with childbirth. Studies suggest that postpartum depression can start any time during the first year of having a baby.

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Being a new mother can be overwhelming. And postpartum depression can be an added hurdle. If you are going through the same, share your story here.


Dos and Don’ts

A new mother goes through an emotional roller coaster after childbirth. We are here to make it easier, with some dos and don'ts for her as well the people around her. Take a look how -

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circle of support

Postpartum depression is a reality. Through this 'Circle of Support', we want all mothers suffering from postpartum depression to know that we are here for them in their challenging time.

I want to help women suffering from PPD

what can you do


Here is your chance to support the cause and share it with the world. Simply upload your image with the graphic and share it on social media.

Be part of a noble cause and show your support for women suffering from postpartum depression. You are the ushers of change!


Postpartum depression calculator

Your loved on or even you, may be suffering from postpartum syndrome. Like any other illness, postpartum syndrome too, needs to be diagnosed. Take the test yourself or on behalf of your loved one.

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